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About the Musician:


By the mid 70’s, after much encouragement from his parents, Guy packed the guitar out of his bedroom and headed for the bright lights of the tool shed, where his music would be less aggravating to the rest of the household. 

After trying several local blues, cover and original bands, Guy focused on acoustic playing in the early 90’s and began to gather a solid regional following as a solo performer, rendering a quirky mix of blues and classic rock covers as well as his own material.  This is how it is done to current times. 

Guy can be captured live and acoustic across New England at various pubs, events, restaurants, bike rallies, pig roasts and drink-em-ups.

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About The Music 



The live show features a lot of blues, as well as some good old swampy southern rock, and classic rock favorites from the 60's to the 90's.  In the song list you will find Little Feat, Elvis Costello, Pink Floyd, Stones, Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters, Creedence, Jim Croce, Warren Zevon, Alman Bros, David Bowie, Gary Clarke Jr, STP, Counting Crows and just too much to mention here.  You will NOT find any Margaritaville here, folks, and thats a promise. What you won't hear is any digital trickery or pre-recorded frogwash, we kick it old school here, a guitar, and a microphone.  Some good playin and some soulful baritone singing, the way it is supposed to be done.  


To date Guy has released a handful of CD's under his own publishing company Walking Bear Records.  Elements of blues and twang are nailed together with a rock n roll sensibility.  No navel gazing and no 20 minute solos, I promise. 

Here are some excerpts from recent reviews of Guy’s recorded material:

DEMORAMA’S TOP HONORS “KICKERS OF ASS” LIST, REVIEW BY LUIS FISKE:  “With a solid voice that's a combo of David Clayton-Thomas, Springsteen (sans the pretentiousness) and his own stylings, Bergeron nimbly handles a variety of sounds, touching on jazz, blues, folk, country and intelligent pop.”

SPLENDID EZINE'S ANDREW MAGILOW:  "Guy Bergeron is a genre-defying musical anomaly.  Bergeron does a superb job parting the muddy waters between blues and contemporary indie rock."

MUSES MUSE REVIEWER STACEY BOARD: “Guy's bio says he is a native of Massachusetts but someone must be UPSing him some grits and gravy. This East Coast man has more than his share of twang and blues in his music.”

To date, Guy has released a handful of CD’s under his own ASCAP publishing company, Walking Bear Records.  This recorded work is more fleshed out than his live show, featuring more electric playing and a stripped down rhythm section that propels the material beyond Guy’s already fairly ferocious acoustic performances.