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This is the portion of the web site where I should have a black and white photo of myself in a black duster and leather pants, making a pouty look at the camera like I'm all dark and serious.  Or, maybe with a guitar case along a railroad track in a stupid hat.  We're going to skip all that hogwash. 


I'm keeping my current residencies just to keep my chops up, despite my monstrous attitude problem, which I am working on.  Outside of that I am not booking a lot ofpubs and restaurants right now.  I am however always up for a private function of the money is right.  If you have some business you would like to discuss me send me an email

I'd like to say more but I feel whatever I say right now would be a mistake that could bite me on the bum later on.  That's all I currently have to say about any of this.



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